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Making a journal for it now since I've gotten a few notes asking about it. :} These prices may change in the future. If they do I will update the journal.

Half Bodies - $15 or $25 for a couple

Cyborg Flowers by Berserk-Cyborg-Panda Ichigo by Berserk-Cyborg-Panda

Full Bodies - $20 or $35 for couples

Aria Bear Commission by Berserk-Cyborg-PandaPig Tails Commission by Berserk-Cyborg-PandaChristmas Commission - Starrykins by Berserk-Cyborg-Panda
Reference Sheets - $40 for flat colors, $60 for shades.
Ref sheets come with a front and back full body, info about your character, and one enlarged item. I used shoes in the example but they can be anything, such as eyes, hands, bracelets (ect..) If you want more enlarged items, they will cost more but the price depends on the detail of the item. Feel free to ask about it. :)
Imvu Mocha Ref by Berserk-Cyborg-PandaMocha Ref (shaded) by Berserk-Cyborg-Panda

If interested, please send me a note or an email to with the following form

Commission Type:
Additional Info(optional):

If you want a reference sheet, please fill out this form instead

Reference Sheet-
Flat or Shaded:
Characters Name:
References or Description:
Enlarged Item(s):
Additional Info(optional):
Description Box (what you want written on the sheet):

I will send you an invoice, which is why I need your email. I do this because paypal recently changed their TOS, so this helps avoid trouble and all that. When the invoice is sent, you will receive and email that will direct you do a page where you can pay with either paypal or a card (similar to checking out on ebay.) Please include you email every time you order, because I don't save them or keep track.


Do you draw furries/animals?

Yes I do!

Do you take DA Points?
Sorry, but I don't at the moment!

Can you send me WIPs?
No, but I will be willing to make any changes you might want after it's done.

If I'm unsatisfied or never pay/pick up my art piece, will you resell it as an adoptable?
No. I would only sell adoptables I thought of and made myself. I am willing to change and adjust the work to make you happier with it, but if you never pay please don't expect me to take you on as a client again.

Do you draw nudes?
Yes, but not full on porn.

Will you draw Gays n Lesbians?
Of course! All is well here.

I want a back ground. How much will that cost?
Ask me in a note or email and we can discuss a price.


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MorningResKyuu Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2015
Hey, you still around here much?  I've not been on dA much and I really miss seeing your streams and artwork.  D:
ahh I'm still around sort of! I do still do streams sometimes, i just haven't bothered posting about them on here. Maybe I will again :')
MorningResKyuu Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2015
I'll be looking forward to them!
gabdoesdesign Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2015
Happy birthday!!
Thank you very much! :D
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Your art is incredibly beautiful, I hope to see more! 
Berserk-Cyborg-Panda Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2015
Thank you so much!
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 Hai hun! OMFG i love your art!
We should get coffee sometime ♥ 
Coffee Coffee Coffee 
hey there! Your art is super swell too! :D

mmmm coffee :heart:
leafaye Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Awww, thanks
*gives you a cup of coffee* so, whats new?
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